Birthday Dinner at Julia’s Place

This week’s dinner actually took place on Saturday night.    It was my birthday on Saturday and Dennis worked on Sunday night so we rearranged things and went with Saturday night dinner instead. The second twist in the dinner was that Dennis made it and I sat back like Queenie and waited to be served. It was a wonderful treat and dinner was fabulous.

Saturday started off with a brunch with good friends and great food at a restaurant close to home called “the District”. For those of you in Vancouver it is in North Vancouver at the bottom of Lonsdale Avenue ( it’s a place we go for brunch often. Their weekend brunch is fabulous and for the rest of the day you really don’t want to eat anything until dinner. I highly recommend you give this restaurant a try some time.

We spent the day down at the Boat show which is always on around my birthday. We didn’t go with anything particular in mind except to look at a couple of boats Dennis has been wanting to show me for a couple of years. No we are not thinking of buying another boat for a while, but it is always good to keep up with the latest and greatest to help us when we are ready to purchase another one.

aspen 28

Here’s the boat he’s keen on.

On the way home from the boat show we picked up a few things at the grocery store. My favourite cheese these days is gorgonzola so we’d made a special stop to pick some up to have with a cocktail before dinner.  My favourite cocktail is a manhatten (sweet vermouth and rye with a marachino cherry.)  So…the evening started off with two of my favourite things, gorgonzola cheese and crackers with a manhatten.

Dennis is the barbecue king around our house so the meat and potatoes were cooked on the barbecue. We had small tenderloin steaks, onions and mushrooms sautéed to spread on the meat, roasted yellow potatoes and stir fried broccoli and beans. It was a simple dinner but oh so good.

The steaks were salt and peppered and placed on the barbecue. The potatoes also had salt and pepper sprinkled on them, then they were placed in one of those Chinese food takeout pans with olive oil and put on the barbecue for 30 minutes to roast. In the mean time, Chef Dennis sliced up some onions and mushrooms and had them sautéing while he chopped and sliced up four garlic cloves, broccoli and green beans. The vegetables were done in another frying pan starting off with sautéing the garlic in coconut oil until it was toasted. Once the garlic was done, he tossed in the green beans and broccoli and stir fried the vegetables for about 5 minutes until they were soft but still had a bit of crunch.

stir fried broccoli and green beans

Dinner was done in less than 30 minutes and it was delicious.

dinner side view

Sorry about the photo, it really was delicious!

Dessert was a gluten free chocolate cheese cake.  Dennis picked it up from a local gluten free bakery called “Sweet Tooth Cakery” ( close to home.   It was a rich dark chocolate cheese cake – a delicious way to finish off dinner.

birthday cake

This was definitely a lovely treat for my birthday.   I did absolutely nothing to prepare it, and nothing to clean it up and it was a perfect way to finish off a great birthday weekend.

Please come and visit us again next week when I’ll be back in the groove of cooking another Sunday Night Dinner at Julia’s Place.


About Julia

I am an RHN who's passionate about helping people live their best lives. My focus is on body mind and spirit and I guide people on work life balance and holistic nutrition. Join me as I wind my way through this wonderful world we live in.
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